Synthesis and Characterization of the New Dicyanamide LiCs2[N(CN)2]3

Markus Mann, Olaf Reckeweg, Richard Dronskowski
2018 Inorganics  
Crystals of LiCs2[N(CN)2]3 were obtained from the reaction of stoichiometric amounts of aqueous solutions of LiCl and CsBr with Ag[N(CN)2]. X-ray single-crystal structure analysis showed that LiCs2[N(CN)2]3 crystallizes isotypically to NaCs2[N(CN)2]3 and adopts the hexagonal space group P63/m (No. 176), with a = 6.8480(8), c = 14.1665(17) Å, and Z = 2. The IR and Raman spectra of the title compound exhibit modes typical for the dicyanamide anion.
doi:10.3390/inorganics6040108 fatcat:qapzg2p6kbfwlfqn2adndmw43i