Sentiment Analysis of German Twitter [article]

Wladimir Sidorenko
2019 pre-print
This thesis explores the ways by how people express their opinions on German Twitter, examines current approaches to automatic mining of these feelings, and proposes novel methods, which outperform state-of-the-art techniques. For this purpose, I introduce a new corpus of German tweets that have been manually annotated with sentiments, their targets and holders, as well as polar terms and their contextual modifiers. Using these data, I explore four major areas of sentiment research: (i)
more » ... on of sentiment lexicons, (ii) fine-grained opinion mining, (iii) message-level polarity classification, and (iv) discourse-aware sentiment analysis. In the first task, I compare three popular groups of lexicon generation methods: dictionary-, corpus-, and word-embedding-based ones, finding that dictionary-based systems generally yield better lexicons than the last two groups. Apart from this, I propose a linear projection algorithm, whose results surpass many existing automatic lexicons. Afterwords, in the second task, I examine two common approaches to automatic prediction of sentiments, sources, and targets: conditional random fields and recurrent neural networks, obtaining higher scores with the former model and improving these results even further by redefining the structure of CRF graphs. When dealing with message-level polarity classification, I juxtapose three major sentiment paradigms: lexicon-, machine-learning-, and deep-learning-based systems, and try to unite the first and last of these groups by introducing a bidirectional neural network with lexicon-based attention. Finally, in order to make the new classifier aware of discourse structure, I let it separately analyze the elementary discourse units of each microblog and infer the overall polarity of a message from the scores of its EDUs with the help of two new approaches: latent-marginalized CRFs and Recursive Dirichlet Process.
doi:10.25932/publishup-43742 arXiv:1911.13062v1 fatcat:zggbtdr6lzdf7hh24or46pa6ue