Darstellung einiger Alkali- und Erdalkaliperoxoborate durch Perhydrolyse von Tris(methoxy)boran / Preparation of Some Peroxoborates of Alkaline and Alkaline Earth Metals by Perhydrolysis of Tris(methoxy)borane

Gert Heller, Jürgen Zambelli
1977 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
Perhydrolysis of the trimethyl ester of boric acid with Η2O2/Η2Ο (85:15 by weight) in butanolic solvents in the presence of lithium- or cesium-tert-butylate in certain molar ratios yields Li2[B2(O2)2(OH)4 or Cs2[B2(O2)2(OH)4]. In methanol in the presence of MX2, where M = Ca, Sr or Ba and X = N-methylacetamide depending on the experimental conditions M[B2(O2)2(OH)4] · n CH3OH, M[B2(O2)2(OH)2(OOH)2] · CH3OH or a compound with a chain structure (anion C) are obtained. Perhydrolysis with H2O2/ H2O
more » ... ysis with H2O2/ H2O (98:2 by weight) yields Sr[B2(O2)2(OOH)4] · CH3OH, Ba[B2(O2)2(OOH)4] · CH3OH or Ba[B2(O2)2(OOH)4] · 2 H2O2. Based on IR spectra and Raman spectra the structural features of these salts are discussed.
doi:10.1515/znb-1977-1208 fatcat:x27fbfshtjg35fv3dm3jjqh4ci