Histomorphological Study of Infundibulum and Magnum of Indigenous Geese (Anser anser)

A Kadhem
2014 MRSVA   unpublished
This study was designed to explore the morphological and histological features in some aspects of infundibulum and magnum of mature indigenous geese. The results showed that, the oviduct of a mature geese consisted of five functional distinct segments with a mean average of 54.8 cm in length. The luminal mucosa of the oviduct contained distinct longitudinal folds which was vary in height. The infundibulum was subdivided into large differentiated funnel region and neck region. The magnum was
more » ... ly flexuous. The mucosa in both infundibulum and magnum was modified into variable mucosal branching folds. The mucosal glands started to appear as a glandular budding, which increased in number and size they filled the whole mucosal folds. Then, they were leaving a thin strand of connective tissue that represent the submucosa. The epithelium lining of the infundibulum and magnum was ciliated and non-ciliated pseudo stratified columnar epithelium.