Manufacturing Challenges of a Modular Transverse Flux Alternator for Aerospace

Mehmet C. Kulan, Nick J. Baker, Simon Turvey
2020 Energies  
This paper presents the manufacturing challenges of a transverse flux alternator for an aerospace application. For fault tolerance, four independent isolated phases are required to deliver a specific power at low speeds, whilst at over speed, there is a strict limit on the short circuit current. A transverse flux machine (TFM) was selected due to its high inductance combined with the modular nature of separate phases lending itself to fault tolerance. The stator consists of pressed soft
more » ... ressed soft magnetic composite (SMC) segments. The authors explore the electromagnetic, mechanical, and assembly design challenges of the machine. It is shown that mechanical design aspects of the segments are of equal importance to the electromagnetic design and optimization. Simple design choices have allowed the same component to be used as all the stator segments, despite the requirement of a 90° electrical phase difference between phases and a tooth offset of 180° electrical within each phase.
doi:10.3390/en13164275 fatcat:h2mky6dogbd7dnbjcjsdmbb6em