The B(s) → D(s)lv Decay with Highly Improved Staggered Quarks and NRQCD

Euan McLean, Christine Davies, Brian Colquhoun, Andrew Lytle, M. Della Morte, P. Fritzsch, E. Gámiz Sánchez, C. Pena Ruano
2018 EPJ Web of Conferences  
We report on progress of a lattice QCD calculation of the $B\to Dl\nu$ and $B_s\to D_s l\nu$ semileptonic form factors. We use a relativistic staggered action (HISQ) for light and charm quarks, and an improved non-relativistic (NRQCD) action for bottom, on the second generation MILC ensembles.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201817513001 fatcat:4ycajq7pnvdldij6cxycejfvli