Modelling of the 1D Convective Heat Exchange between Logs Subjected to Freezing and to Subsequent Defrosting and the Surrounding Environment/ Egydimenziós konvektív hővezetés modellezése fagyott és normál állapotú rönk és környezte között

Nencho Deliiski, Veselin Brezin, Natalia Tumbarkova
2015 Acta Silvatica & Lignaria Hungarica  
A 1D mathematical model for the computation of the temperature on the surface of cylindrical logs, tsr, and the non-stationary temperature distribution along the radiuses of logs subjected to freezing and subsequent defrosting at convective exponentially changing boundary conditions has been suggested. The model includes mathematical descriptions of the thermal conductivity in radial direction, λr, the effective specific heat capacity, ce, and the density, ρ, of the non-frozen and frozen wood,
more » ... n and frozen wood, and also of the heat transfer coefficient between the surrounding air environment and the radial direction of horizontally situated logs, αr. With the help of the model, computations have been carried out for the determination of αr, tsr, λsr, and 1D temperature distribution along the radiuses of beech logs with diameters of 0.24 m, initial temperature 20 °C, and moisture content 0.4 kg·kg-1, 0.8 kg·kg-1, and 1.2 kg·kg-1, during their freezing at -20 °C, and during subsequent thawing at 20 °C.
doi:10.1515/aslh-2015-0006 fatcat:wjzl2nmvcjdzhdbjfw76ep6fqe