High Voltage, Low Current High-Power Multichannel LEDs LLC Driver by Stacking Single-Ended Rectifiers with Balancing Capacitors

Kang Hyun Yi
2020 Electronics  
In this paper, a new LLC converter for series-connected, high-voltage LEDs is proposed. The proposed LLC converter consists of two stacked, single-ended rectifiers and one balancing capacitor, to compensate for the current deviation of two individual LED strings. The proposed LLC LED driver can use a diode with low voltage stress, even if the secondary LED is connected in series to have a high driving voltage. In addition, even if several series-connected LEDs are changed into two-stacked
more » ... o two-stacked structures, the balancing capacitor can compensate for the current deviation of the two separated LEDs, as well as the difference in leakage inductance of the two stacked single-ended rectifiers. The balancing capacitor can be made equal to the voltage tolerance of the stacked, single-ended rectifier diodes. The proposed circuit can be easily extended to a series channel LED driver circuit, without increasing the voltage stress. To verify the characteristics and operation of the proposed LLC LED driver, a 260W high-power LED driver is implemented.
doi:10.3390/electronics9030529 fatcat:rxzqqwlhuzeefmrw2rwxzkvcnm