Microwave assisted green synthesis of pharmaceutically potent benzoxanthone analogues employing biodegradable oxalic acid as ecofriendly catalyst

2019 Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry  
The aim of the present research work is to develop an efficient and ecofriendly methodology to synthesize benzoxanthones analogs by employing oxalic acid as nontoxic, biodegradable catalyst in water medium. The reactions were carried out under microwave irradiations. Thus hereby a series of benzoxanthones were synthesized from various aromatic aldehydes of varying electronic natures via a complete green approach where microwave irradiation was used as an efficient green source of energy, oxalic
more » ... e of energy, oxalic acid was employed as green catalyst and water were used as green solvent in all the reactions. The synthesized compounds have given a good percentage of yield of all the products and they were characterized by melting point, FT-IR, H1-NMR C13-NMR and mass spectroscopic techniques.
doi:10.33263/briac95.311316 fatcat:4kvjuxt4gre4bllshxaboglhe4