Root-Specific Expression of a Jacalin Lectin Family Protein Gene Requires a Transposable Element Sequence in the Promoter

Qiong Wu, Neil Smith, Daai Zhang, Changyong Zhou, Ming-Bo Wang
2018 Genes  
Transposable elements (TEs) are widespread in the plant genome and can impact on the expression of neighbouring genes. Our previous studies have identified a number of DNA demethylase-regulated defence-related genes that contain TE sequences in the promoter and show tissue-specific expression in Arabidopsis. In this study we investigated the role of the promoter TE insertions in the root-specific expression of a DNA demethylase-regulated gene, AT5G38550, encoding a Jacalin lectin family
more » ... ctin family protein. Using a promoter:GUS fusion reporter gene approach, we first demonstrated that the full-length promoter fragment, carrying four TE sequences, contained the essential regulatory information required for root-specific expression and DNA demethylase regulation in Arabidopsis. By successive deletion of the four TE sequences, we showed that one of the four TE insertions, a 201-bp TE fragment of the hAT DNA transposon family, was required for root-specific expression: Deletion of this TE, but not the first two TE sequences, converted the root-specific expression pattern to a constitutive expression pattern in Arabidopsis plants. Our study provides an example indicating an important role of TE insertions in tissue-specific expression of plant defence-related genes.
doi:10.3390/genes9110550 fatcat:azbqd25j2vfo5njaoyyufhxdn4