Numerical analysis of fluid flow and thermal fields in the vertical fluidized bed heat exchanger
수직형 순환유동층 열교환기에서의 유체유동과 온도장의 수치해석

B.C. Lee, H.K. Kang, M.S. Lee, S.W. Ahn
2012 Journal of the Korea Society For Power System Engineering  
Abstract:The numerical analysis by using CFX 11.0 commercial code was done for prediction of fluid flow and thermal field in the vertical heat exchanger. The present experimental studies were also conducted to investigate the effects of circulating solid particles on the fluid flow and temperatures in the fluidized bed vertical shell and tube type heat exchanger with counterflow, at which the solid particles of glasses (3 mmΦ) were used in the fluidized bed with a smooth tube. The effect of
more » ... . The effect of circulation on the distance(L) of tube inlet and baffle plate was also examined. The present experimental and numerical results showed that the particles in the distance (Ds) of 15 mm showed a more efficient circulation without stacked the space and the LMTD(Log Mean Temperature Difference) in the fluidized bed type was much lower than that in the typical type shell and tube heat exchanger.
doi:10.9726/kspse.2012.16.4.024 fatcat:orrnorvq7jexbpooxlp7p32y2q