Optimal Configuration of Wind/Solar/Diesel/Battery Hybrid Energy System for Electrification of Rural Area [dataset]

Iosr Journals, Payal Suhane, Saroj Rangnekar, Arvind Mittal
2015 Figshare  
With the rapid deployment probability of fossil fuels and fast development of renewable energy technology, the renewable sources use are being promoted for various applications to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. Integration of these sources as Hybrid Energy System (HES) is better option as a small scale alternative source of electrical energy. Wind/PV HES is more economical and reliable than a single PV or wind turbine for their complementary nature both in time and geography. And
more » ... eography. And combination of these sources with diesel generator is better option for un-electrified remote areas as compare to diesel generator alone. Unpredictable nature of wind and intermittent nature of solar as well as variation in load demand introduces, complexity in HES, therefore sizing of HES is prerequisite for power supply to areas at minimum cost. In this paper, Jhiri village of Madhya Pradesh (India) is identified as un-electrified remote area to be considered for case study. Load profile creation of the above area is done based on the daily consumption of electricity as per the population and ensuring minimum possible electrification in present scenario. Optimal sizing of selected HES is done with the help of Homer software. An economical and reliable HES has been proposed for above area for betterment of human life and overall growth of the village.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.1469504.v1 fatcat:7ocmprtwibco5pgu7tlsqgj7ga