Analytical solution for torsion of cylindrical orthotropic annular wedge-shaped bars reinforced by thin shells

István Ecsedi, Attila Baksa
2021 Archive of applied mechanics (1991)  
AbstractThis paper deals with the Saint-Venant torsion of elastic, cylindrically orthotropic bar whose cross section is a sector of a circular ring shaped bar. The cylindrically orthotropic homogeneous elastic wedge-shaped bar strengthened by on its curved boundary surfaces by thin isotropic elastic shells. An analytical method is presented to obtain the Prandtl's stress function, torsion function, torsional rigidity and shearing stresses. A numerical example illustrates the application of the developed analytical method.
doi:10.1007/s00419-021-02009-w fatcat:lzh4rsdkkrgxzmny62sul2priq