Прогноз и сценарии развития рынка жилья в городе Тюмени

Ермакова Анна Михайловна
Development strategy of the city of Tyumen involves developing a vision for the future development of the city's economy is based on the maximum use of all competitive advantages, based on the priorities of the long-term development of the Tyumen region and the Russian Federation. Using the method of G. M. Sternik, the article proposed three options for the development of the situation in the housing market in the city of Tyumen (optimistic, moderate and pessimistic). In accordance with the
more » ... rdance with the town planning code of the Russian Federation elaboration of territorial development plan is intended to define the territory assignment based on the combination of social, economic, environmental and other factors to ensure sustainable development of the region, the development of engineering, transport and social infrastructure, to ensure that the interests of citizens and associations.
doi:10.24411/2413-046x-2019-10041 fatcat:xbhon6sgybcn7mmzudgsdwwruq