white Feelings and Black Knowledge: Tackling Racism and Epistemic Violence in German Higher Education

F. Angelo Camufingo
2018 in:cite journal  
This article provides insight on the production and passing on of "knowledge" and the idea of a possible objectivity particularly conveyed in Western universities. It deals with how forming a university group tackles the continuations of such thoughts. The article starts by reflecting on statements and practices of a university seminar of which I was a participant. The course examined hip hop culture through language, investigating lyrics from a cultural linguistics perspective. It served as an
more » ... ve. It served as an example of epistemic violence and racist continuations and reproductions at universities that try to promote their anti "whatever –isms" attitudes. Next, I provide theoretical background on the fantasy of academic objectivity and its resultant racism, and explain the formation of a Black university group. I will explore the group's experiences and struggles to critique Western universities and knowledge transfer while actively being part of them. The group's work is an exemplary way of how to question existing structures and of resisting imposed and racist ideas of knowledge and truths.
doi:10.33137/incite.1.28916 fatcat:mffrwqhxbvcsdcq2yvgjdltzr4