Top-down fabrication of biodegradable multilayer tunicate cellulose films with controlled mechanical properties [post]

Da Huang, Dong Li, Kangwei Mo, Rui Xu, Yanan Huang, Yande Cui, Qunchao Zhang, Chunyu Chang
2021 unpublished
Owing to non-degradable waste plastics caused serious environmental pollution, development of natural polymeric materials has become an important topic. Herein, multilayer tunicate cellulose films (MTCFs) were fabricated by a top-down approach, where the alkali treated mantles of tunicate were layer-by-layer hot-pressed. Strong hydrogen bonds that formed between tunicate cellulose layers resulted in good interfacial compatibility of multilayer films. The as-prepared MTCFs exhibited improved
more » ... ibited improved thermal stabilities, excellent mechanical properties, and good degradability in natural soil. This work provided a top-down approach for the preparation of biodegradable multilayer films as packaging materials.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:isiv4kdp5nhu7mwutp5jqlhpvu