Critical behavior of ising models with random long-range (small-world) interactions

X. Zhang, M. A. Novotny
2006 Brazilian journal of physics  
The critical scaling behavior of Ising models with long range interactions is studied. These long-range interactions, when imposed in addition to interactions on a regular lattice, lead to small world graphs. Large-scale Monte Carlo simulations, together with finite-size scaling, is used to obtain the critical behavior of a number of different models. These include the z-model introduced by Scalettar, standard small-world bonds superimposed on a square lattice, and physical small-world bonds
more » ... mall-world bonds superimposed on a square lattice. These scaling results provide further evidence to support the existence of physical (quasi-) small-world nanomaterials.
doi:10.1590/s0103-97332006000500016 fatcat:vxdrspek6nfr3k5uqxm2qv5weq