In Conversation with D.C. Chambial

Rob Harle
2017 Writers in Conversation  
D.C. Chambial is a poet, short-story writer, critic, reviewer, translator. He writes in English, Hindi and Pahari language of Himachal Pradesh. He has served HP Education Department at various places in Himachal Pradesh for about 38 years and retired as Associate Professor of English. The Muse attracted him when he was still at high school and began to bear fruits in his college days. His first poem appeared in Skylark, an international magazine of poetry in 1979. His first collection of poems,
more » ... ollection of poems, Broken Images (1983) has since been followed by seven more anthologies: The Cargoes of the Bleeding Hearts & Other Poems (1984), Perceptions (1986), Gyrating Hawks & Sinking Roads (1996), Before the Petals Unfold (2002), This Promising Age & Other Poems (2004), Mellow Tones (2009), and Words (2010). All these eight volumes have been published in one book – Words: 1979-2010 (2012) – by Aadi Publications from Jaipur. In 2014, he published Hour of Antipathy. Currently working on another anthology to be published later in 2017.His poems have also been translated into several languages; his English poems have been published world-wide. He participated in Word Congress of Poets in Madras and 6th World Poetry Day in Gangtok (Sikkim) besides many UGC Seminars of Indian English Poetry and Literature. Edits Poetcrit (since 1988), an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to literary criticism and contemporary poetry. Winner of several medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) and awards from USA, Australia and India including the Michael Madhusudan Academy Award (1995) and Lifetime Achievement Award from Intercontinental Poetry Academy (2009). Contact:
doi:10.22356/wic.v4i1.1 fatcat:w5wd65m47bev5eib4p5dpj6cwe