Leprosy Villages - Are They All Outdated? A Survey of two Leprosy Communities

1976 Leprosy Review  
A medicai and social survey is re ported on 2 villages in India composed originally of rejected leprosy patients and developed over the past 30 years, near to a large leprosy hospital. The results are surprising. These communities pose no leprosy problem. to the adjace nt population, thanks to the concern of the hospital authorities. The ge neral economic standard is low, with begging an important factor, but the levei of child hell!th and nutrition in these communities was found to be superior
more » ... ound to be superior to that among the local population, while the residents have developed a sense of community responsibility which re places that lost from their homes and has created a reasonable degree of stability.
doi:10.5935/0305-7518.19760041 fatcat:2rvyefy4rzb4nfpqaqpx3u6aim