Computational Model for Simulation of Lifeboat Free-Fall during Its Launching from Ship in Rough Seas

Shaoyang Qiu, Hongxiang Ren, Haijiang Li
2020 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering  
In order to improve the accuracy of the freefall of lifeboat motion simulation in a ship life-saving simulation training system, a mathematical model using the strip theory and Kane's method is established for the freefall of the lifeboat into the water from a ship. With the boat moving on a skid, the model of the ship's maneuvering mathematical group (MMG) is used to model the motion of the ship in the waves. Based on the formula of elasticity and friction theory, the forces of the skid acting
more » ... of the skid acting on the boat are calculated. When the boat enters the water, according to the analytical solution theory of slamming, the slamming force of water entry is solved. The simulation experiments are carried out by the established model. The results of the numerical simulation are compared with the calculation results of the hydrodynamics software Star CCM+ at water entry under initial condition A in the paper. The position and velocity of the center of gravity of the boat, the angle, and velocity and acceleration of pitch calculated by the two methods are in good agreement. There is a little difference between the values of translation acceleration calculated by the two methods, which is acceptable. This shows that our numerical algorithm has good accuracy. A qualitative analysis is performed to find the safe point of water entry under the condition of different wave heights and two situations of a ship encountering waves. Finally, the model is applied to the ship life-saving training system. The model can meet the system requirements and improve the accuracy of the simulation.
doi:10.3390/jmse8090631 fatcat:ccua4c2xmrdghal3mvrmdj67zm