Effects of violent video stimuli on gastric activity: Electrogastrography-based case study

Nenad Popović B.
2020 Zenodo  
Presentation for the EIP 2020 paper on electrogastrography-based study of effects of violent video stimuli authored by Nenad B. Popović, Nadica Miljković, Goran Knežević, and Ljiljana B. Lazarević. Presentation is prepared and presented by Nenad B. Popović. Abstract (available at http://empirijskaistrazivanja.org/en/biosignals-measurement-and-analysis-with-applications-in-psychology/): The functionality of the human gastrointestinal tract can be affected by emotional arousal as a result of the
more » ... as a result of the autonomic nervous system function. Electrogastrography (EGG) as a non-invasive technique for direct assessment of gastric electrical activity can be used for gastric motility evaluation in relation to the induced emotion. In this work, we aim to investigate the potentials of the EGG technique in testing the somatic markers hypothesis. Specifically, to investigate whether EGG can be used for a quantitative assessment of a gut feeling, EGG alterations induced by violent video stimuli were examined. Data were collected in two respondents with no known gastrointestinal disorders: ID1 – female, 29 years old, height 172 cm, and weight 64 kg; ID2 – female, 23 years, 168 cm, 56 kg. Subjects were asked not to consume solid food for 6 hours and liquids 2 hours prior to the fasting recording session and for postprandial session (after meal intake) subjects were asked to consume commercial oatmeal of 274 kcal. Recording consisted of three sections: baseline recording (resting), EGG during the presentation of the violent video stimulus, and EGG recording after the presentation of the video. We recorded two sessions per subject for both fasting and postprandial states with a total of four EGG recordings. The following EGG-based features were calculated: dominant frequency – DF, median frequency – MF, crest factor of power spectral density – CF, and root mean square – RMS of EGG amplitude for each recording. MF and RMS increased from baseline to violent video recording in three out of four obtained recordings by [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4095681 fatcat:oiwm6m6xxndn5fz6qqopnelbsm