Holistic Performance Appraisal a Novel Training Need Analysis Tool for Automobile Industry

Mr Tharayil
2015 Mr. Joseph Tharayil   unpublished
The development of global value chains has facilitated the rapid integration ofemerging regions into the global economy, which are increasingly exertingcompetitive pressures on traditionallyworking automobile companies. This has placed the varying responsibilities on the shoulders of Automobile Industries such as expansion on a massive scale so as to attain competitive advantage, high market share.In spite of all automation efforts, people still play a key rolein the implementation, operation
more » ... tation, operation and general success of a manufacturing system. A strong emphasis is therefore neededon people's unique role as innovators and decision-makers in the manufacturing enterprise which will enhance company's growth. Taking into consideration this fact, companies are focusing more towards the training and performance appraisal activities of employees. This research provides insights for emerging trends in performance appraisalpractices and training for the significant interest in Human Resource Management. Thestudy is based on secondary research which involves reviewing and critically analysing thescholarly literature that addresses issues similar to this research problem and thus will benefit the HRMpractitioners and HRM scholars.