A Mathematical Model of Noggin and BMP Densities in Adult Neural Stem Cells

Kamila Larripa, Angela Gallegos
2017 Letters in Biomathematics  
New neurons are generated in the adult hippocampus throughout life by neural stem cells (NSCs) in a dynamic process responsive to external signalling cues. NSCs in the adult hippocampus divide infrequently, and it has been shown that bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) modulates their quiescence. Infusion of Noggin, a BMP antagonist, blocks this signalling. We investigate the balance of BMP and Noggin in this particular niche and qualitatively reproduce experimental results obtained and
more » ... ined and qualitatively reproduce experimental results with a one-dimensional reaction-diffusion model. We use the model to connect BMP signalling profiles with specific cellular outcomes and to determine whether the transient infusion of BMP leads to a signalling profile which can be reversed by the infusion of Noggin. Additionally, we analyse the role of diffusion in this system for generating signalling profiles with dramatically different cell-fate outcomes and show that diffusion-driven instability is not possible in our system of reactiondiffusion equations. Abbreviations: NSC: Neural Stem Cell; SVZ: subventricular zone of the hippocampus; SGZ: subgranular zone of the hippocampus; BMP: bone morphogenetic protein ARTICLE HISTORY
doi:10.30707/lib4.1larripa fatcat:6feel7nvkragzitzhl3zvjdixa