Military Gymnasia

Archibald Maclaren
1864 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
By AWIIIBALD JIACI,AREX, Csq., TIE G~nnasiuni, Osford. \VIIEX I had tlic lioliour, sonic time ago, of reading n paper 011 this subject to the Inembers of this Institution, I cndcavourcd to show tlic raliio of n g-j-mnastic trniniIirr to the soldier.* I desire to-day t o do iiiyself the lionour of dcscribiiif; tlic inaterial illcans which I linvc foiind it necessary to eniploy, and in inany instnnccs to dovise, for tlic purpxc of carrying out my sxstciti of training, which iiieniis are lionking
more » ... rovided by tlic nii1itttr-j outliorities with n complctciicss wliicli lrnrc.~ notliing to bc desired. With tlic first conccption of tlic leading fcatnres of tlic sptcm, I 1;crccivcd that tlic construction m d fitting up of propcr gyiniiasia would bc a sine quiC non, indccd must bc ricwcil as an intcgral part of tlic system itsclf ; and as in this rcspcct it differs froin tlic military systcnis of other countrics,t \rliicli arc entirely cariicd on in the opcii air, I will, with your pcrmission, mcntion n few of the advantages arising from the organization of sucli scliools. '+c first of tlicse is, the raluc wliicli regular and consecntiw instruction osscsscs over irregular practice. iiistriiction ~I l o~l d bc progresk-c-tliat to-day's lcsson sliould, as it ii-crc, be taken up to-inorrow and cai-ricd n little fartlier on, and the nest dny and the liest B little fnrtlicr still, and so on to the end of the course. JVThen thus adrninltered each lcsson is in accord with that which preccdcd it, and witli that xliicli is to follow it-cadi aiding each-a. In tlic cii P tiFatioIi of tlic bodily powers it is quitc iicccssary that tlie % Joui*,!nl of the R o j d United Scrrice Institution. Vol. i i . t Botional3Iilitary Sjdcnu Of h d d y Ererche.
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