Determination of the Total Width of theη′Meson

E. Czerwiński, P. Moskal, D. Grzonka, R. Czyżykiewicz, D. Gil, B. Kamys, A. Khoukaz, J. Klaja, P. Klaja, W. Krzemień, W. Oelert, J. Ritman (+10 others)
2010 Physical Review Letters  
Taking advantage of both the low-emittance proton-beam of the Cooler Synchrotron COSY and the high momentum precision of the COSY-11 detector system, the mass distribution of the eta' meson was measured with a resolution of 0.33 MeV/c^2 (FWHM), improving the experimental mass resolution by almost an order of magnitude with respect to previous results. Based on the sample of more than 2300 reconstructed pp --> pp eta' events the total width of the eta' meson was determined to be 0.226 +- 0.017(stat.) +- 0.014(syst.) MeV/c^2.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.105.122001 pmid:20867630 fatcat:6oxbvtpbcfdszfs5fqk56o7qcm