The Misunderstanding Between Schizophrenia And Clairaudience

Philippa Richardson
2018 Zenodo  
ABSTRACT: This research focuses on Schizophrenia and Clairaudience that is part of doctoral research for a Doctorate of Metaphysical Sciences at the University of Metaphysics. The mental illness known as Schizophrenia has been known for centuries. There are various symptoms associated with this mental illness upon which a diagnosis is based. The exact causes of the mental illness Schizophrenia remain unknown, as does the actual part of the individual which is effect by the illness. The most
more » ... lness. The most prominent and definable symptom of Schizophrenia remains to be auditory hallucinations. Another explanation for individual's being able to hear voices, is that of clairaudience, a psychic ability. Clairaudient ability has a positive connotation upon the ability to hear voices, whereas the diagnosis of Schizophrenia is most commonly treated with pharmaceutical drugs to reduce or eliminate symptoms. This paper involves information about Schizophrenia, how it is perceived and treated. It also discusses various views of clairaudience, and how it is effective and manageable. A new approach is required to the medical industry when individuals are being treated for a diagnosis of Schizophrenia.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1324430 fatcat:x34p4wtggjf65g5wq4h5k5uwzu