Chinese Philosophy and Universal Values in Contemporary China

John Makeham
© 2020, Ljubljana University Press. Consistent with its growing economic, political and military might, China wants due recognition by and engagement with the global community of nations. This aspiration is complicated by the fact that Chinese political leaders and intellectuals continue to strug-gle with how "Chinese values" fit with "universal values", and whether there is a single global modernity or whether there are multiple modernities and multiple—perhaps com-peting—universal values. In
more » ... iversal values. In this paper I examine how some prominent Chinese philoso-phers are engaging with these issues, despite the fact that in 2013 the topic of "universal values" was prohibited as a discussion topic in universities on the mainland.
doi:10.26181/5fcd70afadff5 fatcat:onkzekrouzcr7gifwnkmo3pfgi