An Efficient and Green Synthesis of Novel Azo Schiff Base and its Complex Under Ultrasound Irradiation

2013 Oriental Journal of Chemistry  
An environmentally benign protocol for the synthesis of azo Schiff bases and its complex in short reaction time and high yield has been achieved. These Schiff base compounds have been characterized by C, H, N elemental analyses, FT-IR and 1 H NMR spectroscopy. The synthesized complex was characterized by atomic absorption spectrophotometry and elemental analyses. EXPERIMENTAL Materials and instruments For the ultrasound reactions, ultrasound apparatus astra 3D (9.5 dm 3 , 45 kHz frequency,
more » ... kHz frequency, input power with heating, 305W, number of transducers, 2) from TECNO-GAZ was used. Chemicals were purchased from Merck and Fluka and used as purchased. Melting points were measured on an Electro-thermal 9100 apparatus and are uncorrected.
doi:10.13005/ojc/290326 fatcat:bmin5jxoy5c5plxkbbwggk2nmu