Research on the Innovative Approach of Intergrowth of Xipi Lacquer Art in Huizhou and Modern Product Design

Fuliang Sun, Wei Shu, F. Wu, A. Ghadouani
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
Xipi Lacquer Art in Huizhou was once well-known all over China with the brilliant Huizhou merchants and it was once also annihilated in the river of long history. The surface of Huizhou Xipi Lacquer Art is so bright that it can serve as a mirror, and the swirling, complicated and changing patterns endow it with mysterious and gorgeous beauty. In modern times, since the technique of Huizhou Xipi Lacquer Art recovered all that was lost, its special aesthetic sense of beauty and the craftsman's
more » ... the craftsman's pursuit of superlative craftsmanship have led to the increasing emphasis on the objects produced by it for people to appreciate. This deviates from the public's demand for stable quality and economic utility, and it is difficult to integrate into the consumer market. In this paper, through the in-depth analysis of the history and context of Huizhou Xipi Lacquer Art, the author combines with the theory of contemporary product design to explore the advantages and disadvantages of Huizhou Xipi Lacquer Art into modern product design. Besides, the author uses the scientific research method to find a breakthrough for the two symbiosis and concludes the approach to realize the innovation and development of the excellent traditional technology in the era of science and technology.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202017902069 fatcat:qzkrwgxzxrhkxklz4j25uwi2nq