Time-domain finite-difference beam propagation method

H.M. Masoudi, M.A. AlSunaidi, J.M. Arnold
1999 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters  
A new technique to model the behavior of pulsed optical beams in waveguides is proposed and analyzed. The technique is an extension of the traditional continuous-wave beam propagation method (BPM) to include time dependence, therefore called the time-domain BPM (TD-BPM). The method was tested using different waveguide examples and it is concluded that the technique is simple and accurate. Compared with the finitedifference TD method, the new TD-BPM is more efficient in terms of computer memory
more » ... nd execution time especially for large optical devices. Index Terms-Beam propagation method, finite-difference analysis, modeling, numerical analysis, optical waveguide theory, partial differential equation, pulse propagation.
doi:10.1109/68.789715 fatcat:creincgrfvarbk6cqa3zsirlu4