Associations between physical activity and the androgenic/estrogenic status of men

M Slowinska-Lisowska, P Jozkow, M Medras
2010 Physiological Research  
Concentrations of numerous hormones decrease with age. Some authors imply that a syndrome of partial endocrine deficiency may occur in the aging men. Among many lifestyle factors that influence hormonal status is physical activity. Especially interesting are relations between physical activity and the androgenic/estrogenic status of men. The aim of this study was to evaluate age-related changes of serum androgens, estradiol and SHBG in men presenting different levels of physical activity.
more » ... cal activity. Hormonal parameters were measured in a cohort of 387 healthy Caucasian men (aged from 24 to 72 years) from one administrative region of Poland. Their level of physical activity was determined by means of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). We have found that contrary to SHBG concentration, total testosterone, free testosterone, bioavailable testosterone, calculated free testosterone and estradiol were negatively associated with age in the investigated subjects. Apart from estradiol, physical activity did not influence concentrations of the studied parameters. In younger (24-48 years), physically active males estradiol was significantly higher than in subjects characterized by a low level of physical activity. The situation was opposite in older males (48-72 years). In this age group low level of physical activity was associated with lower concentration of estradiol. Undertaking physical effort increased the decline of estradiol level with age.
pmid:20406047 fatcat:5xjr6wzhibbkhbnil6e6ig7bja