Цой Денис Игоревич, Рассказов Максим Игоревич, Гладырь Андрей Владимирович, Терешкин Андрей Александрович, Константинов Александр Викторович
2019 Problemy nedropolʹzovaniâ  
The paper presents the measurement systems: laser deformograph and nanobarograph installed in a 300 m deep mine. These systems are part of the multilevel monitoring system created at the deposits of JSC PPGHO. According to the results of experimental studies of the laser deformograph in the registration of deformation disturbances in the rock mass, it was established that this equipment confidently registers both rock mass vibrations caused by blasting operations and reciprocating motion of
more » ... ating motion of tectonic blocks. The paper describes the results of registration of earthquakes in the Baikal rift zone. In order to assess the impact of earthquakes on the state of the rock mass in the area of mining operations at the Antey uranium deposit, to develop the methods of registration of earthquakes and earthquake precursors, the experimental studies have been undertaken using the laser deformograph, the laser nanobarograph and the multichannel automated geoacoustic system for monitoring rock pressure Prognoz ADS. The influence of remote earthquakes on the acoustic activity of the rock mass, which appears in the form of a significant increase in the number of acoustic events and their energy after the registration of the seismic wave. Assessing the impact of distant earthquakes on the state of the rock mass was carried out based on the results of measurements of the laser deformograph, laser nanobarograph and geoacoustic rock pressure monitoring system. It has been revealed that the presence of deformation and seismic waves from remote earthquakes can be attributed to additional factors that initiate deformation processes in the rock mass. Timely registration of these waves and their correct interpretation will significantly increase the reliability of the forecast of energy geodynamic events in bump-hazardous rock masses during the development of deposits in order to prevent catastrophic events.
doi:10.25635/2313-1586.2019.04.066 fatcat:tjv6ltjjrre75bd5zint6xpcf4