Analysis of microtubule distribution in root tip cells of Allium cepa L. using a confocal laser scanning microscope

Yoshinobu MINEYUKI
I n order to see whether a confocallaser scanning microscope(CLSM)is a useful tool for studies on the microtubule(MT)organization in plant cells,the spatial distribution of MTs in root tip cells of Allium cepa L.was examined using a CLSM.As the resolution of the image is improved using a CLMS,we could clearly detect MTs connecting between the spindle and the preprophase band(PPB)at late prophase stage.Although it was not easy to anal yze the developmental process of spindle MTs on the nuclear
more » ... rface using a conventional fluorescent microscope because of the strong flourescent signal from the PPB,a stereo pair image reconstructed from a focal series of images enabled us to see the detailed process of MT organization on the nuclear surface.Based on these results, the utility and problems of CLSM are discussed.
doi:10.5685/plmorphol.5.127 fatcat:sxo5myy4crdb7ffwqql3yyai3e