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1859 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
calibre of a rectal bougie, was passed ; sometimes, instead of being flat, it was rolled into the form of a cord ; it was often streaked with blood ; it was very friable, and, under the microscope, bad the appearance rather of commencing fibrous structure, than of fully formed lymph. 'flu1 patient continued pretty easy, except when the attacks of paroxysmal pain came on, and of these he usually got relief by opium and carminatives. Three attempts to move the bowels by cathartics were made,
more » ... ics were made, twice by Dr. W. and once by the advice of his friends, but were followed each time by increase of pain and distension, and . by urgent vomiting. Dr. John Ware saw him, as also Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Hodges. At the suggestion of the latter, ho took chlorate of potash, but without any appreciable effect. A distinct tumor, running from the right iliac region rather beyond the median line, became apparent about the middle of March, and was supposed to be due to foeoal accumulation. March 19th, after an enema, be passed several lumps of heces about tin' si/.o of walnuts, and from that time there was almost daily
doi:10.1056/nejm185905190601605 fatcat:wyv2b4qiabf5zmipf3r7uoemxi