Effects of clomazone formulations at the initial development of Jatropha curcas

Luiz Neri Berté, Neumárcio Vilanova da Costa, João Ricardo Pompermaier Ramella
2015 Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical  
Competition with weeds is one of the obstacles to achieve high yields in jatropha harvest. The chemical method is an alternative weed control due to its high efficiency, readiness and economy, when compared to other methods. However, products recommended for this crop are scarce. This study aimed at evaluating the effects of pre and post-emergence clomazone formulations at the initial development of jatropha. Two experiments were conducted under a randomized blocks design, in a 2 x 5 factorial
more » ... a 2 x 5 factorial arrangement, with four replications, consisting of the combination of two clomazone formulations (encapsulated suspension and emulsifiable concentrate) and five doses (0 g ha-1, 250 g ha-1, 500 g ha-1, 1,000 g ha-1 and 2,000 g ha-1). The dry matter of the plants was reduced both in the pre-emergence and post-emergence applications. Net photosynthesis was not affected by the application of clomazone in both formulations. The encapsulated suspension formulation is less phytotoxic than the emulsifiable concentrate formulation for pre and post-emergence applications. However, both formulations negatively affect the early development of jatropha plants.
doi:10.1590/1983-40632015v4535699 fatcat:xoulql6ilrcvdkl25w4jqsdcwy