The Sentiment Analysis Model of Services Providers' Feedback

Khrystyna Shakhovska, Nataliya Shakhovska, Peter Veselý
2020 Electronics  
The purpose of this paper is to develop a hybrid model Ukrainian language sentiment analyzer, which should improve the accuracy of the mood definition to expand the Ukrainian language among the instruments on the market. The object of research is the processes of determining the language of the text and predicting its sentiment score. The subject of the study is Ukrainian comments posted by Google Maps users. The following text categories are taken into account: food, hotels, museums, and
more » ... museums, and shops. The new method was built as an ensemble of support vector machine, logistic regression, and XGBoost, in combination with a rule-based algorithm. The practical use of the algorithm makes it possible to analyze the Ukrainian text in accordance with the category with the visualization of the research results. The accuracy of the proposed method is bigger than 0.88 in the worst case. The mining procedure of the positive and negative sides of service providers based on users' feedback is developed. It allows electronics business to make improvements based on frequent positive and negative words.
doi:10.3390/electronics9111922 fatcat:rzuze4k63rdavn634ujfvgsfue