A Study on Object Recognition for Safe Operation of Hospital Logistics Robot Based on IoT
IoT 기반의 병원용 물류 로봇의 안전한 운행을 위한 장애물 인식에 관한 연구

Min-soo Kang, Chunhwa Ihm, Jaeyeon Lee, Eun-Hye Choi, Sang Kwang Lee
2017 The Journal of The Institute of Internet Broadcasting and Communication  
New infectious diseases such as MERS have been in need of many measures such as initial discovery, isolation, and crisis response. In addition, the culture of hospitals is changing, such as the general public 's visiting and Nursing Care Integration Services. However, as the qualifications and regulations of medical personnel in hospitals become rigid, overseas such as linens, wastes movements are replacing possible works with robots. we have developed a hospital logistics robot that can carry
more » ... bot that can carry out various goods delivery within a hospital, and can move various kinds of objects safely to a desired location. In this thesis, we have studied a hospital logistics robot that can carry out various kinds of goods delivery within the hospital, and can move various kinds of objects such as waste, and linen safely to a desired location. The movement of a robot in a hospital may cause a collision between a person and an object, so that the collision must be prevented. In order to prevent collision, it is necessary to recognize whether or not an object exists in the movement path of the robot. And if there is an object, it should recognize whether it moves or not. In order to recognize human beings and objects, we recognize the person with face/body recognition technology and generate the context awareness of the object using 3D Vision image segmentation technology. We use the generated information to create a map that considers objects and person in the robot moving range. Thus, the robot can be operated safely and efficiently.
doi:10.7236/jiibc.2017.17.2.141 fatcat:eku7h55zhzcyll3rhholy6wf2i