Study of UV Protection, Deodorization and Antimicrobial Properties of Cotton Fabrics Dyed with the Liquids Extracted from Salvia Plebia R. Br
곰보배추 추출물로 염색한 면직물의 자외선 차단율, 소취성 및 항균성

Hyun-Joo Jang, Jin-Soun Jung
2016 Fashion & Textile Research Journal  
This study examined the stainability and functionality of cotton dyed with the extract of Salvia Plebia R. Br. as a research preceding the development of health functional materials and fashion products with a healing motif. The CIELAB measurements of the cotton fabric dyed with the extract of Salvia Plebia R. Br. showed 73.32 for L*, 1.7 for a*, and 37.78 for b*, while the Munsell measurements exhibited 2.63Y in color, 7.18 of brightness, and 5.49 of chroma. The degree of staining resulting
more » ... aining resulting from color fastness to laundering, and that resulting from color fastness to perspiration (acid and alkaline), as well as the level of color fastness to crocking (wet and dry) all stayed between relatively higher levels of 4 and 5. The fabric dyed also exhibited SPF 50+, an outstanding sun blocking performance. The deodorization rate was also excellent, rising from 97% to over 99% when the time elapsed increased from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. The fabric dyed also showed a 99.6% antimicrobial activity against staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538, and a 71.4% antimicrobial activity against Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC 4352. The aforementioned findings indicate that fabrics dyed with the extract of Salvia Plebia R. Br. contain the potential to be developed for use as health-related materials and fashion products that promote healing.
doi:10.5805/sfti.2016.18.3.380 fatcat:ehyk5odngbcglmxy76rjlolmzy