Pozzolanic Activity of Zeolites: The Role of Si/Al Ratio

Barbara Liguori, Paolo Aprea, Bruno de Gennaro, Fabio Iucolano, Abner Colella, Domenico Caputo
2019 Materials  
A great challenge of research is the utilization of natural or synthetic zeolites, in place of natural pozzolans, for manufacturing blended cements. The difficulties of interpretation of the pozzolanic behavior of natural zeolite-rich materials and the role played by their nature and composition can be overcome by studying more simple systems, such as pure synthetic zeolites. This study aims at investigating the pozzolanic ability of isostructural zeolites with different framework compositions,
more » ... ework compositions, such as three sodium zeolites of the faujasite (FAU) framework type: LSX, X, and Y. The pozzolanic activity has been estimated by thermogravimetry and X-ray diffraction analysis. The overall outcome of the investigation is that the zeolite structure affects its pozzolanic activity, as zeolites with similar framework densities exhibit distinct abilities to fix lime. Moreover, the framework composition is effective either from a kinetic point of view or on the total amount of fixed lime. Zeolite X appears to possess the best average features.
doi:10.3390/ma12244231 pmid:31861105 fatcat:4qfdfynxf5d5rf6d3krg4qlw2y