Work Programme 2018 [article]

Erik Steinfelder
2017 Zenodo  
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND 2018 GOAL TREE 'A customer is someone who has not found a better alternative yet' Nirmalya Kumar The way biobanks see it, researchers have no alternative than to connect and partner up with them when looking for high-quality samples and associated data. In other words, researchers cannot go find a better alternative because there is none. The researchers themselves, however, are often convinced that there are many alternatives to biobanks, which is mainly due to the fact
more » ... y due to the fact that sample collections hosted by biobanks lack visibility, findability, and accessibility or simply because researchers have a strong desire to have their own collections of specific material. In order to bridge this gap between biobanks, the research community and the different stakeholders, BBMRI-ERIC's goal for 2018 will be to build and strengthen value-added, sustainable biobanking. This ambitious goal and its various sub-goals, laid out on the following pages, can only be achieved if the BBMRI-ERIC team in Graz, the National Nodes, and the various biobanks join efforts. To gain a better understanding of who we actually serve, communication and dissemination will play a central role in 2018. Focussing on these activities will allow us to respond better to different requirements and tackle the challenges ahead. However, it will also help us map the environment in which we operate and identify areas in which we need to adapt or where we can place ourselves in an even stronger position. To that end, we will gather information that will then be fed back to the National Nodes in order for them to benefit as well. The various services offered by BBMRI-ERIC will be continuously improved and expanded, while also creating additional awareness. Quality Management will continue to expand its Self-Assessment Survey, launch a quality grade and develop a concept paper for an audit programme. The Common Service IT will focus on improving and supporting the Directory, the Negotiator, the Connector, and BIBBO [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1075218 fatcat:nljpvy7j5beffgwynrmansccue