A Research on Active Control to Synchronize a New 3D Chaotic System

Israr Ahmad, Azizan Saaban, Adyda Ibrahim, Mohammad Shahzad
2015 Systems  
This paper presents the robust synchronization problem of a 3D chaotic system by using the active control technique. Based on the Gershgorin theorem and Routh-Hurwitz criterion, sufficient algebraic conditions are derived to design a linear controller gain matrix. The conditions are then applied for the robust stability of the synchronization error dynamics in the presence of an unknown bounded smooth external disturbance. The proposed active control strategy with a suitable computation of the
more » ... computation of the linear controller gain matrix is simple in design and establishes fast convergence rates of the synchronization error signals. Numerical simulation results further verified the analytical results.
doi:10.3390/systems4010002 fatcat:watuxcvmonhhleij2vuzqcs4w4