Etnometodoloji ile Çevirmen Adaylarının Çevirmen Davranışlarını Fark Etmelerine Yönelik Bir Uygulama Örneği

Aslı Araboğlu
2019 HUMANITAS - Uluslararası Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi  
Araboğlu, A. (2019). Etnometodoloji ile çevirmen adaylarının çevirmen davranışlarını fark etmelerine yönelik bir uygulama örneği Humanitas, 7(14), 373-392 Abstract Expectations of the translator candidates are mostly limited between two languages by transferring words at their first year. Traditional concepts of the translation and the translator may contribute to these expectations. Thus, the first aim is to make translation at basic level and the other should be to make students aware of what
more » ... dents aware of what the translator behaviors are and how they are shaped. This awareness can be set up in the frame of ethnomethodology whose main research area is to question how people explain their behaviors. At this study, translation process is handled as an organization of the society and students are intended to become aware of translator behaviors. Proposing unexpected translation aims and changing the organization, students are expected to make translation and write about their translation process. Therefore, the aim of this study is to present a sample that shows what the translator behaviors are and how they become explainable by the need of different solutions and translator behaviors for different translation problems by students of translator candidates.
doi:10.20304/humanitas.588675 fatcat:7volkli5lfbzxnvl7b4uc55pfa