The Two Earliest Municipal Charters of Coventry

1921 English Historical Review  
Essex Tints, i. 35. ' Ibid., p. 57. ' The case, however, U there wrongly assigned to Kent, instead of Essex, one ot the pl»oe* named being wrongly identified in the index, and the other not identified at all. • Essex Fines, i. 17. • MS. B. 1. Facsimiles in A Memorial of the Visit of the Archaeological Institute to Coventry on July 28, 1864 (Coventry, 1864), and Miss M. Dormer Harris, Life in an Old English Toum, p. 46. Neither shows the interesting seal. The text is printed in Cunningham,
more » ... n Cunningham, Growth of English Industry and Commerce, i. 541, and (in part) in Ballard, British Borough Charters, 1042-1216. • MS. B. 2. Facsimile (not altogether satisfactory) in Memorial of the Visit of the Archaeological Institute. Printed ante, xvi 98, by Miss Bateson; in Cal. of Charter Bolls, ii. 88, and (in part) in Ballard. 1 Ballard, p. xxviii; Donnpr Harris, p. 48. • Ubi supra.
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