Nataliya Semenova, Olena Gnirovska
2019 Zenodo  
Abstract. The article reveals the need for timely transformation and enrichment of the educational space and environment in which pupils of a preschool education institution are. In particular, opportunities for engaging in TalkingWalls preschool education as a multimedia resource for children, educators, and parents are disclosed. The role and methodological value of the introduction of the international pedagogical technology "Walls that speak" as such, which provides the child with the
more » ... unity to be a full master of his personal space, is revealed. The factors that contribute to the creation of educational space and environment in kindergarten are highlighted. The proposed technology is relevant for the modernization of the educational space of Ukraine. It is proved that the main characteristics of the educational environment of a modern preschool education institution are: safety, multifunctionality, convenience, openness, variability, creativity, adaptability, cultural orientation. It is expedient to educate and develop preschoolers in such a space of educational environment, which includes the material and technical support of the educational process, the professionalism of teachers, the formation of partnership relations between adults and children.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3833682 fatcat:j6x4glgbjfdmld4h7fkadaekw4