1892 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
This paper, which Dr. Jeffries had nearly finished at the time of his death, has been put in my hands to prepare for publication. Although I knew something of his Intentions In regard to it, a study of the paper itself and of the mass of material which ho had collected on the subject has convinced meof the difficulty of completing tins task as he would have done it. With the exception of a few verbal changes, indicated in brackets, I have done little except to prepare a bibliography from the
more » ... ography from the notes which Dr. Jeffries left, and to indicate the references to illustrative casos. Not having the original articles at hand and depending almost wholly upon these notes I fear that the classification of the cases, which I have tried to make, is not always correct, and that it might not agree with Dr. Jeffries' greater knowledge. T have added Welder's diagram, which Dr. Jeffries had copied, probably with the intention of inserting it.
doi:10.1056/nejm189210201271601 fatcat:djrwv47f2nf4zjuektu5b2o27y