Analysts' reports

1882 The Analyst  
At the Somemetshire Quarter Sessions, Dr. Alford, of Taunton, the County Analyst, reported that during the past quarter he had annlysed no less than 331 samples. Among them were 57 samples of butter, 50 of tea, 25 of coffee, 47 of mustard, 18 of pepper, 11 of sugar, 2 of arrowroot, 1 of currants, 2 of confectionery, 2 of jam, 8 of spirits of nitre, 5 of glyccrine, 3 of spirit of magnesia, 2 of senna, 3 of tartaric acid, 1 of carbonate of soda, and 1 of milk of sulphur. Among the samples which
more » ... the samples which he had found to be adulterated were 4 samples of coffee and 11 of mustard. None of these adulterations were prejudicial to health. During the past year he had made no less than 886 analyses of food and drugs, and 54 of them he had found adulterated.
doi:10.1039/an882070029a fatcat:5l7oc6lpo5eltiozwpchjmcn5e