Cognitive Reactions after Social Exclusion

金 静
2014 Advances in Psychology  
Social exclusion thwarts the basic human need to belong, triggering a variety of cognitive coping reactions. The cognitive reactions after social exclusion include: First, the cognition that helps to meet the belonging need is approached, such as concerning social information, tuning to positivity, preferring warm stuff as well as fortifying traditional family roles, increasing religious affiliation and enhancing money consciousness. Second, excluded people may avoid the cognition that
more » ... ition that threatens the need to belong, in the form of pain-numbing, hostile cognitive bias and the cognitive deconstruction state. Last, other competitive cognition processes will be suppressed which can be explained by the hypothesis of emotion suppression or bargain break. More ecological paradigms need to be developed; individual differences should be emphasized in future studies. Research on cognitive regulation strategy and multilevel studies is also the possible direction.
doi:10.12677/ap.2014.41017 fatcat:rccglatqezbmlmgmw2fd4ygth4