New advances in gold catalysis part I

David Thompson
1998 Gold Bulletin  
As for many aspects of gold science and technology, gold catalysis has unique features. Until recently, gold catalysis has had an uncertain history, but research work in a number of laboratories has now shown that if care is taken in the preparation of well defined supported gold systems then these systems can be unusually active and/or selective for a number of reactions of commercial importance. These include both selective and complete oxidation, hydrochlorination and hydrogenation
more » ... ogenation reactions. In fact gold has been demonstrated to be the element of choice for some catalytic reactions. As a result, both chemical processing and environmental applications are foreseen for supported gold catalyst systems. In this, the first of two articles, the current knowledge on the hydrochlorination of ethyne and the low temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide using supported gold catalysts is reviewed. In the second part, some further examples of heterogeneous catalysis will be given and the importance of some recently reported early examples of homogeneous gold catalysis, in solution, assessed.
doi:10.1007/bf03214775 fatcat:czqf7mk65jh5xi7b35rso6qpke