On some Magnetic Characteristics of Iridium

S. H. Brackett
1894 Scientific American  
SCIENTU'IC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, No. 987. DECEMBER 1, 181) 4. ==== == == == == == == == == == == == == =--=-= =-=-=--------------------�- where it is distributed to the risers which pass back the" electric kiss." At the end of the nineteenth it, and on plotting the magnetization as ordinates and down the columns, single risers being used to supply century electrical 8cience has made an amazing pro-the current as abscisses, a curve was obtained similar radiator:; and return water of condensation.
more » ... er of condensation. All dis-gress-a progress, however, with which its more friv-to those usually made of permeability. tributors in the attic are laid at a grade of not less olous development:; seem scarcely to have kept pace. This bar, as well as the other, is much more readily than 1 ft. in ;m ft. , and the foot of all risers are con-They have, it is true, got beyond the stage of the magnetized transversely than longitudinally. It has llected into a return system to the basement. The frictional machine, but it cannot be said that the only to be placed between flat pole pieces, so as to be in bottom of the 8 in. main riser rests on a masonry entertaining young mall of the period yet knows how a uniform field of force, and jarred vigorously. A steel foundation, so that its expansion shall be upward to conj ure playfully with currents of , . Teslaic" fre bar of the same size, tempered glass hard, cannot be thronghout its entire length. The risers, which are quency or to amuse an audience by a skillful adap-lllagnetized transversely when subjected to the same to be inclosed in the fireproofing SllITOUl](ling columns, tation of the Hertzian wave. The'\ penny �hocker" conditions. are to be fastened firmly to floor bealllS at third, is, from the electrical standpoint, a painfully coarse When attempts had been made to magnetize it spventh, and twelfth floor�, so that expansion shall experience of a coil current) and even the ,\ plectric longitudinally, as . mentioned above, discrepancies be be in both directions from these points. On each dis-lady" of these btter days IS, on the whole. a very tween Its magnetic moment at different trials and that tributing riser an expansion joint is to be set at the poor thing. .. She is found to be so highly charged obtained by transver:;e polarity led to further examina fourth and eighth floors. This expansion joint is to with a;nimal electrioity that :when she iIJ?merses her I 'tion of .the distribution of its magnetism. The field be placed just above the radiator connection. In order hand m water any one placmg a finger IJ1 the bowl, around It was platted by means of a little steel magnet to have free access to these expansion joints, easily reo at the same time experience . s a shock." �bout the 12'. 5 I?m . . long. su�pended by a cocoon fiber, and thp movable wooden panels are placed in the columns in latter there can be no questIOn; the �ensatlOn IS that dIstrIbutIOn was found to be very irregular. To see if front. This arrangement adlllits of easy inspection, of an ullmistakable induction current. Neither is it a more uniform distribution could be secured. a method and avoids the necessity of tearing down the fireproof to be denied that s�e is , . charged with electricit,Y. " was �evised which might be called octuple touch. when repairs are necessary. In other words sllP IS connected WIth one pole of a Strokll1g was done on all four sides of the bar at once In fixing upon the sizes of connections of radiators large coil kept carefully out of sight and hearing. from the middle to each end. 'I'he iridium was hpl(l with risers, a 1 in. pipe was to supply not more than 30 She places her hand in waU'j'; it second person, by a small clamp in the center of the �pace between IN the early yea.rH of the eighteenth century, while square, weJ�hmg 3'57 gral!-unes: Apparatus was con· prevent a dranght. the tube looks as if filled with a
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