The Atg8 Family of Proteins—Modulating Shape and Functionality of Autophagic Membranes

Iman Abdollahzadeh, Melanie Schwarten, Thomas Gensch, Dieter Willbold, Oliver H. Weiergräber
2017 Frontiers in Genetics  
Aging is a multifactorial process involving an accumulation of alterations on various organizational levels, which finally compromises viability and limits the lifespan of organisms. It is now well-established that many aspects of aging can be positively affected by (macro)autophagy, a mechanism of self-digestion found in virtually all eukaryotic cells. A comprehensive understanding of autophagy is thus expected to not only deepen our insight into the mechanisms of aging but to also open up new
more » ... to also open up new avenues toward increasing the healthy lifespan in humans. In this review, we focus on the Atg8 family of ubiquitin-like proteins, which play a crucial role in the autophagy process by virtue of their unique mode of reversible membrane association.
doi:10.3389/fgene.2017.00109 pmid:28894458 fatcat:lbz2kjnxsfaipdlbva3sgwrpdm